Monday, September 24, 2012

Island Surprise - Continues

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This week's post features another installment of Island Surprise. We're picking up where we left off, poolside with Claire and Lacy. This week's writing prompt is finger.

The sound of water splashing in the pool and children’s laughter lingered before them. Claire watched as the expression on Lacy’s face slowly changed. Her smile morphed into a firm straight line. Her eyes were wide open, as thought she had a sudden jolt of caffeine. Claire noticed Lacy’s fingers started to twitch, she held her hands in her lap. Her index fingers especially seemed to have a mind of their own. Lacy looked down at her hands with a quizzical gleam on her face, as though she were looking at a stranger.

Wow, she’s really scared. She must be involved in this. “Is everything all right? Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Well not really. I just got a real bad headache.” She brought one of her twitching hands to her head and rubbed it.

“Really, just now you’ve got a headache.” Claire sat up in the lounge chair and faced Lacy. “Can I get you anything?”

“No. I think I’ve just had too much sun. All of sudden I feel a migraine coming on.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I get them every now and then.” Lacy began to quickly gather her things and her towel.

“Plenty of things bring it on. Too much sun, heat, hearing upsetting news.”
“Upsetting news?”

“Did I say upsetting news? Upsetting views, you know high heights and all that. And too little sleep.”

“Well it’s your honeymoon.”

“Yeah, and it’s been stressful too. You know the whole nine yards with the planning and then it’s over leaving you with a headache.” She stood up with an arm full of her tote bag, towel, and sunglasses on top of her head. “Well I’m going up to the room to rest, maybe take something for this.”

“Okay, hope you feel better, Lacy.”

“Yeah, bye.” She walked out of the pool area in a hurry, almost tripping over some children.
Claire watched as Lacy jumped out of the way of people coming into the pool area, obviously shaken up and eager to get away from her.

Ever since Claire saw Dan on the island, she thought he was the only one involved in whatever went on at the small island. The picture of Dan holding what appeared to be a blood stain towel raced into her mind and took hold. It chilled her to recall it, and her heart beat sped up at the thought. However, after witnessing Lacy’s reaction to news that a woman’s body had been found, as she said, murdered on the island, Claire believed Lacy knew a great deal more than she thought in the first place.

What she doing sitting at the pool? Although she didn’t like that he withheld information from her, she wanted to be Sam now. She didn’t feel safe with Dan and Lacy lurking around, especially after seeing her reaction. She needed to let Sam know and tell his police contacts that Lacy is probably involved in this somehow. She stood up and gathered her things.

Across from the pool on the veranda of the hotel, Sam was looking out at the pool and spotted her. His heart made a tiny leap when she stood up and he saw her skin exposed. Purple was her color, and it showcased her lovely body. He was glad he found her, and glad she was wearing that suit. Come back down to earth, boy, they’ll be time for that later. He was just happy he’d found her and she was safe. Hopefully she’d calmed down and would be reasonable. He turned around and took the stairs, losing sight of her due to the winding marble staircase.

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  1. Ooooo, something is not quite right on that island by the sounds. Well done!

  2. A bit of mystery, eh? It took me by surprise. Well done.

  3. The suspense and mystery deepen

  4. Uh oh..."that she would be reasonable"??? Is Sam involved in this, too? The plot continues to twist and hold me as usual.

  5. Intriguing tale, Carolyn! Full of suspense - looking forward to next week!

  6. Very suspenseful scene! I liked your vivid details. It put me in the moment and I wondered what would happen next.

  7. I look forward to more. Great post.

  8. I'm. Getting the distinct impression that Sam is somehow involved in this. Awesome job.

  9. I like the mystery and intrigue of what each of the players here actually did and how much they know.