Monday, April 1, 2013

My Writing Space

Right now in my life I'm living in a smaller quarters while I figure out where I would like to live next...oh and by the way I need a job too to help me get there. So while I'm figuring all that out, I take a break from it all and delve into the fiction worlds I love to create.

This is my main desk and computer and where the majority of my writing takes place. I share this space with my fiancĂ©. When he's home I sometimes plug in my net book, and move to another side of the room. My cat Gizmo is laying on the power source box next the desk, one of her many daily hangouts. She likes it because it's warm, cats love the heat.

I also enjoy writing on my AlphaSmart. It's easier to travel with than the net book, it runs on batteries only that last forever. Transferring the file to the computer is a breeze. The words appear on the screen like a magic trick. It's fun to watch, and very fast.

I have tried writing in hip places like coffee shops and restaurants, but they're usually too distracting for me, sometimes I've written a quick outline of a story, but never real story writing in public. I have taken my AlphaSmart to the beach and wrote while sitting in my car looking out at the surf. That was nice. I love Jones Beach, I'm a Long Islander at heart. :)

If you're a writer, where do you usually work? Do you have any alternate writing places when you need to hide out? Drop me a comment, I'd love to hear where other writers do their writing.

I also have a new website where you can read an excerpt of Love and the Economy.