Monday, June 18, 2012

Island Surprise

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to the latest installment of Island Surprise.  Word Prompt - Any City

            Claire didn’t know how she got into this pickle. One minute she was leaving the book fair with Nancy and Sam, and the next they agreed to have dinner with a maybe-murder and his maybe-naive wife. Claire didn’t want to over analyze it, but it seemed sometimes she was a magnet for crazy happenings, but at least Sam was there with her. And of course thanks to her quick thinking and big mouth, they would have to be a couple in front of the newlyweds, and Sam stood prepared to take advantage of the situation. While she wasn’t ready to pick up where they left off a few months ago, she would have to go along with the role she created for herself. And after having a glass of wine in the limo and sitting next to Sam, Claire could feel her inhibitions lifting a bit as she returned Sam’s smile with a shy grin and fluttering eyelashes.

            “I’m glad you’re here Sam. I wouldn’t have come on this dinner date to Maui without you,” she said surprising herself.

            “Don’t worry. I’m sure everything will go all right,” he said looking down at her next to him. “At the very least maybe we’ll find out more about this guy tonight. We have to be on high alert. Watch what he does and how he responds to things. And maybe we’ll find that there’s a logical explanation for what you think you saw. Either that or I'll have the plot for another bestseller,” Sam said deadpan straight then broke in laughing.

            “Very funny, Sam.” Nancy said while putting her wine glass back in the portable bar rack. “I don’t want to live the plot of a book, I just want to live.”

            “Oh you girls are just too afraid of this guy. His wife is here, he probably didn’t do anything,” said Sam.

            The driver got out and opened the door for them. He helped the women out of the car, and then Sam got out. Another black limo pulled up beside them and Dan and Lacy got out and came to greet them. There before them stood the private jet with Hunter Enterprises embossed on its side.

“Now that’s living,” Sam said as they approached the plane and he reached for Claire’s hand. She was about to start cracking her knuckles at the sight of the couple.

Claire's body heated up when their hands touched. She hoped Sam didn't notice. He gave her hand a quick reassuring squeeze, and then guided her up the stairs to the plane with his hand lightly resting on her back. She wondered if he could feel the sharp intake of air she drew in when his hand casually slipped to her lower back as they boarded the plane. Looking at Sam, she wondered if he were oblivious to the affect he was having on her. If so she would try her best to keep it that way.

            They boarded the private jet and took their seats. The swivel captain chairs where quite comfortable as Dan and Lacy sat across from Nancy, and Claire and Sam right behind them. Nancy’s frayed nerves eased a bit while she and Lacy discussed her books. She was a fan and was interested in how she got her ideas for her stories and if her characters were based on real people. Claire listened to their conversation and injected a comment or two as well.
            “So where exactly are we going on Maui?” asked Sam.
            “We’re going to Wailuku, it’s the largest city on Maui. The biggest hotel in Wailuku has a fantastic restaurant with beautiful views.”

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Island Surprise

This week we're writing to this picture prompt, which fits into my continuing story. 300 word limit - ouch!

            “Can I meet her?” Lacy was excited and wanted to meet Nancy Wells. “I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t we invite her to have dinner with us?  We could even go someplace really nice and treat her to a dinner at dad’s casino. What’d you think?”
            “That sounds great. But she probably won’t go. I’m sure she’s busy with all that writer’s conference stuff.”
            Three hours later Nancy, Claire and Sam pulled up in a limo onto the tarmac. Lacy arranged for them to her and Dan at her father’s private plane to go to dinner at Maui.
Claire downed the last of her wine she was drinking compliments of the car bar. “I can’t believe I got talked into this. How could we be having dinner with a man I thought killed his wife?”
            Sam shook his head. “For the hundredth time Claire, he didn’t kill his wife. She’s alive and well. We all meet her today at the book fair.”
            “But what about the call I got,” said Nancy. “Even though he didn’t kill his wife, I don’t trust him. And why is he being nice to us now?”
            “I don’t know, but since they offered to treat us to dinner because Lacy’s a fan, I think we should go. At least you had the good foresight to say that you wanted me to be included in the dinner. As I recall, you introduced me as your boyfriend, not that I mind one bit. I’ll go along with that.” He shot Claire a knowing smile which he hoped would relay the feelings he had for her. Even if they were in the midst of a protecting themselves from a murdering maniac, Sam wanted her to know his feelings were genuine even if she was pretending.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Island Surprise

Welcome to another installment of Island Surprise - writing prompt - tree
Claire found her spot at the Book Fair and neatly displayed the copies of her latest novel. She took out a few trinkets to give away to readers, pens, bookmarks and disk copies sampling some of her earlier works. After five years as a published author the thrill of someone other than her family buying and reading her books still excited her and filled her immense gratitude.

            Sam entered the room and made his way up and downs the rows of tables, stopping to talk briefly with the authors he, and he knew several of them. Even though he wasn’t a romance author, several of the writers crossed genres and their paths crossed at conferences as well. He looked around and headed in Claire’s direction towards the middle of the room. There was an extra seat next to her. He walked around the table to join her.

            “You’ve got a pretty good spot here. Mind if I join you for a bit?” He pulled out the chair not waiting for her reply. To her Sam was the very confident, determined type which on someone else often rubbed her the wrong way, but on Sam it signaled sex appeal.

            “I think we should talk about finishing our book. Now that my schedule has lightened up a bit I can devote more time to it. Give it the care it needs.” He looked into Claire’s eyes as he said this, picked up hand and held it tightly. She had several ideas for the book and wanted to continue it, but something kept her from actually doing it.
            Dan left his wife Lacy at the restaurant after they ordered, and told he had to run out and see the hotel manager for a quick minute at the desk. Once he left the restaurant he passed the desk and headed to the Book Fair. For the most part if was a sea of women, this was romance book fair and although he was out of his element he was looking for a particular author. He went over to a woman who looked like an organizer of the event. “Excuse me; do you know where I can find author Nancy Wells?”
            The woman pulled out a seating plan of the fair. “She’s in the second row on the right. She’s in the blue jacket.”
            “Thank you, my wife’s a big fan.” He headed towards her hiding in the crowd. Was that the woman in the boat? The boat was too far away for him to get a good look at her, but it could be her. He approached the row and walked down the aisle towards Nancy who was busy signing a book for a reader. Just then Claire looked up and spotted the honeymooner headed for her friend’s table.
            “Sam, that’s him and he’s headed for Nancy. Oh my God, do something.”
            “You’re overreacting Claire. What do you want me to do? Tackle him in the middle of the Book Fair?”
            “Would you? I’m busy right now,” she held up the book she was about to sign for the woman standing at her table. “Please just go over there in case something happens.”

            Sam looked at Nancy unaware of the guy they feared, though he didn’t understand why. The look on Claire’s face was a plea for help. He got up and headed towards Nancy who was three rows in front of them towards the left. It was a crowd, so it would take him a bit of maneuvering to get their before the guy who didn’t kill his wife.
            Dan finally made it to Nancy’s table, and picked up a book. When the woman in front of him moved on Nancy looked up and saw him. The half of the honeymoon couple that Claire suspected killed his wife, only they just saw his wife, so it wasn’t her that he killed. She didn’t know if she should be scared or not, but her head started pounding on cue. The stress was getting to her.

            “Hi there, Nancy Wells right?” He held the book and picked up another pen.
            “Yes, that’s me.” She tried not to change her expression and remain calm.
            “My wife’s a big fan of yours, and I would score big points if I had a signed copy of your latest book.”

            Nancy slowly smiled and picked up a pen. She noticed Sam coming up behind the man. She instantly felt safer knowing that someone who knew of the situation was nearby. Claire must’ve spotted him coming in. Was he trying to intimidate her or what? She would just play it cool and not let on about anything.

            “Hey Nancy, how’s everything going?” Sam called out next to the honeymooner.
            “Oh fine, Sam, just fine. And what’s your wife’s name?”
            “Lacy. L-A-C-Y. Thank you. She’s a big fan.”
            “And what’s your name? Are you staying at the hotel?”
            “I’m Dan. Yes we’re staying here on our honeymoon.”
            “Oh, right you just said that before.” She autographed the book, stuck a bookmark in it, out of habit, and then handed him the book. “You pay for it over there.” She pointed towards the check-out table. Sam stepped around the guy to stand in front of her table watching as Dan went to the check-out. They watched him go and lost him as he stood on line behind a large potted tree in the front of the Ballroom. While waiting on line, he looked back at Nancy through the leaves one more time. 
            After the exchange, Dan wasn't sure if she was a bit nervous or if she didn't recognize him after all. Maybe he was really in the clear and could relax.

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