Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Winner was Chosen!

Congratulations to M.S. Spencer, Meredith, who has won a copy of Murder in Paradise.

A winner was chosen using the random.org generator.

And thank you to all the visitors of my blog during the Secret Cravings Anniversary
Blog Hop!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tuesday Tales Picture Prompt

I'm so happy to be joining my friends at Tuesday Tales this week. We're writing to the holiday picture prompt.

It wasn’t exactly how she planned it, but it was a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Chambers B&B. Leslie couldn’t believe it, the party she dreaded planning was a success. Everyone raised their champagne glasses, ringing in the New Year. After an hour of dancing and drinking the crowd thinned out, and one by one they went on their way, just like at Times Square, which magically empties out after the ball drop. During the evening she was swept away by the excitement, but when it was over she felt a wave of loneliness knowing Kevin wasn’t there.

She glanced over at the Christmas tree, the lights flickering almost in rhythm to music that softly played. What is that? She noticed a well wrapped present beside the tree, a lovely box with a gold ribbon. It sat next to the fake presents she displayed under the tree that was just for decoration. Where did it come from? She walked over to the box and picked it up. There was a gift tag tucked underneath the bow, she immediately recognized the handwriting, it was from Kevin. She looked around, she was alone. She carefully pulled off the ribbon and opened the box. Inside was a note, You never know when you might need this. She smiled as she pulled out a small flashlight attached to a rope chain, just like the one Kevin used to get them out of the woods last week when they stayed too out too long. A blanket of warmth wrapped around her and settled in her heart as she recalled chiding him for his collection of flashlights. Her heart beat faster remembering how he held her hand securely and lead the way with his trusty little flashlight. Damn it, she didn’t want to but maybe she was falling for him… again.    

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Anniversary SCP!

I’m very happy and proud to celebrate Secret Cravings Publishing’s Fourth Anniversary. 

In honor of the occasion I will give away a pdf copy of my romantic suspense novella with SCP, Murder in Paradise. Since 95% of the country is freezing right now, leave a comment telling us where your special paradise getaway would be. I’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments by Tuesday, please leave your email address to be contacted.  

Story Blurb
Romance author Claire Jenkins thought the Hawaii Writer’s Conference would be the perfect break she needed. A chance to hang out with her writing buddies, maybe take a workshop and explore Hawaii. She didn’t dream she’d walk in on a murder scene involving Hawaii’s most famous honeymooners, wind up as the guest of the suspect or pretend to be the girlfriend of her handsomely sexy writing partner, bestselling thriller author Sam Stewart.

Sam’s got his hands full trying to keep Claire safe and figure out if their host, the newlywed architect, Dan Harris, is indeed a murderer. His job just got even more difficult as he and Claire pose as a couple. Sam has to protect Claire without smothering her or risk ruining their professional relationship. Will it be too tempting for the both of them to act on the attraction they share, or will they give in to their feelings, throw caution to the island breeze and begin a new chapter in their lives? 

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