Friday, October 23, 2015

New Cover for Murder in Paradise

I'm so happy to reveal the new cover for my romantic suspense novella, Murder in Paradise.

It was previously published by Secret Cravings Publishing, which has sadly gone out of business. I will soon be self-publishing it with a new cover and updated blurb.

Romance author Claire Jenkins stumbles upon a crime scene on a secluded Hawaiian beach while at a writer’s conference. She caught a glimpse of the hotel’s newlywed groom, and is afraid the bride is in danger. Claire’s fearful the murderer has seen her. Just when she needs him, in walks Sam Stewart, her writing partner and bestselling thriller author, who’s revered as a rock star.  Claire’s attracted to Sam, but strives to keep their relationship professional.

Sam wants to keep Claire safe, and he’s also fallen hard for her, which he keeps under wraps for the sake of their writing partnership. Sam devises a plan where they pose as a couple, he gets to hold her hand, while they get closer to the suspect and figure out what’s happening.  Will they suppress their attraction to continue working together, or take a chance on creating a happily ever after for themselves?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bridge of Spies - Review

I recently attended a screening of the movie Bridge of Spies. What a great story of an overlooked American hero. James Donovan believably portrayed by Tom Hanks will be Oscar nominated for his fine performance.

Donovan was an insurance company lawyer whose boss, played by Alan Alda asked him to provide defense council to an arrested Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel, calmly played by Mark Rylance. Donovan and his family are harassed for defending Abel. Donovan goes on to broker an exchange of two Americans held in Germany for Abel at the time the Berlin Wall was going up.

The great writing and directing and performances will keep you on the edge of your seat.Steven Spielberg did a beautiful job directing, and will no doubt be Oscar nominated for his work. Don’t miss this film.