Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Cover for Love and the Economy - and a sale!

I recently had a new cover made for my novella Love and the Economy. It was created by Mae of Baby Fresh Designs. For fellow authors, I highly recommend Mae who also designed my new cover for Murder in Paradise. Both novellas were previously published by Secret Cravings Publishing who sadly closed their doors last year.

Love and the Economy is on sale now for a limited time for $0.99 on Amazon!
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Just when Andrea Elliot thought life was getting back to normal after the divorce, her ex, Daren is moving back home. While the ink on their divorce papers dried up, so did the U.S. economy, and Daren’s architecture firm. Since Daren can’t afford to support two households and a floundering business, his accountant advises the couple live together in the family home – just till the economy improves. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Andrea. She's just started to date again.

Daren still loves Andrea, and sees their new living arrangement as his opportunity to make things right. Once home he takes off his suit and puts on his work clothes, and gets busy re-building his reputation and his ex-wife’s home office. Can Daren see what Andrea desires, and be the present take-charge man she’s always needed, and can Andrea put her pride away and let him?

There's also a bonus Chapter 1 of Murder in Paradise at the end of the book.
I'm currently working on a new women's fiction/small town romance novel, and have several other irons on the fire.