Monday, January 14, 2013

Writer's Retreat

This week Tuesday Tales are writing to this picture prompt, with a 300 word limit. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

It was the perfect getaway, with the perfect guy. Claire sat cozy in the passenger seat of Sam’s black Lexus SUV, on their way up to his cabin for a short writer’s retreat. It was Sam’s idea, and she thought it was a great one. She’s hoped they’d finish their first draft of their second book, and of course have some alone time. The roads were clear, but snow still clung to the trees and countryside, giving the feel they were driving into a winter wonderland.

Sam reached over and gave her hand a short squeeze. As they approached a scenic look out, Sam slowed the car and steered into a stone circular single car roadway.

“You’ve got to see this view.” He stopped the truck and unfastened his seat belt, then got out.

Claire grabbed her camera from the back seat and followed him outside. The muffled thud of her car door cut through the snow blanketed silence. She joined him by the lookout’s stone ledge.

“This is so beautiful.” She reveled in the snow hanging on the pine trees, weighing their branches down. She adjusted her camera, and then looked through the viewfinder. She took a few shots, and then shot a sweeping panoramic shot moving right to left.
“Oh, rats.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing major, I just noticed some people in the shot. Two men. I wanted it people-free.”

“Don’t worry, you can cut them out later.”

“I know, I’m just being nit-picky.” She shut the camera down.

Sam stood next to Claire, and put his arm around her shoulder. She leaned into his arms, and for a moment felt the warmth of his body even as a cold breeze blew around them. She felt safe in his arms. He bent down a bit and kissed her cheek softly. 

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

SCP 2nd Anniversay Blog Event - My Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Dawna N winner of a copy of Love and the Economy! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented during the SCP 2nd Anniversary Cruise!

Happy Second Anniversary Secret Cravings Publishing! May you successfully sail for many more years, launch the writing careers of new voices while providing great romance stories for our readers. Rock on Secret Cravings!

To celebrate SCP’s anniversary our publisher is having a Second Anniversary Cruise Contest! 
The prizes and rules are as follows:

Grand Prize- iPad2
First place- Kindle Fire
Second Place- $50 SCP gift card
Third place- $25 SCP gift card

The contest will run from Friday January 4 through Sunday January 6. To be eligible for the grand prizes, you must answer and match a minimum of 25 of the 30 participating authors to their “location”.  You must email your answers to Dawne Prochilo, Review Coordinator for SCP at Winners will be contacted by Dawne Prochilo.

A commentor on my blog will win a PDF copy of Love and the Economy. To be eligible, just leave a comment telling me where you'd love to cruise to. The winner of my blog event will be announced on Tuesday, January 8th. Happy Cruising Everyone!

Love and the Economy
Just when Andrea Elliot thought life was getting back to normal after the divorce, her ex, Daren is moving back home. While the ink on their divorce papers dried up, so did the U.S. economy, and Daren’s architecture firm. Since Daren can’t afford to support two households and a floundering business, his accountant advises the couple live together in the family home – just till the economy improves. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Andrea. She's just started to date again.

Daren still loves Andrea, and sees their new living arrangement as his opportunity to make things right. Once home he takes off his suit and puts on his work clothes, and gets busy re-building his reputation and his ex-wife’s home office. Can Daren see what Andrea desires, and be the present take-charge man she’s always needed, and can Andrea put her pride away and let him?


My location is an American tresure, the beautiful and powerful Niagara Falls.