Monday, January 14, 2013

Writer's Retreat

This week Tuesday Tales are writing to this picture prompt, with a 300 word limit. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

It was the perfect getaway, with the perfect guy. Claire sat cozy in the passenger seat of Sam’s black Lexus SUV, on their way up to his cabin for a short writer’s retreat. It was Sam’s idea, and she thought it was a great one. She’s hoped they’d finish their first draft of their second book, and of course have some alone time. The roads were clear, but snow still clung to the trees and countryside, giving the feel they were driving into a winter wonderland.

Sam reached over and gave her hand a short squeeze. As they approached a scenic look out, Sam slowed the car and steered into a stone circular single car roadway.

“You’ve got to see this view.” He stopped the truck and unfastened his seat belt, then got out.

Claire grabbed her camera from the back seat and followed him outside. The muffled thud of her car door cut through the snow blanketed silence. She joined him by the lookout’s stone ledge.

“This is so beautiful.” She reveled in the snow hanging on the pine trees, weighing their branches down. She adjusted her camera, and then looked through the viewfinder. She took a few shots, and then shot a sweeping panoramic shot moving right to left.
“Oh, rats.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing major, I just noticed some people in the shot. Two men. I wanted it people-free.”

“Don’t worry, you can cut them out later.”

“I know, I’m just being nit-picky.” She shut the camera down.

Sam stood next to Claire, and put his arm around her shoulder. She leaned into his arms, and for a moment felt the warmth of his body even as a cold breeze blew around them. She felt safe in his arms. He bent down a bit and kissed her cheek softly. 

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  1. What a teaser this is. I bet those men are going to feature large and mean in the future.

  2. Beautiful set up. I bet that picture is going to be a major puzzle piece.

  3. Bet something's going to happen and the two men are involved

  4. Lovely! I like the way you added in the suspense with the men getting in the way of her picture.

  5. I love these two and their relationship but now I'm worried about the two men. But Claire has their picture! This is a great story and I'm happy to see it continue. I look forward to more.