Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Movie Review - The Age of Adaline

At the turn of the 20th century, Adaline Bowman has a problem most women would gladly welcome – she’s stopped aging at 29. There’s no miracle moisturizer involved, instead a scientific phenomenon occurred when she suffered a terrible car accident and drowned, where she lost and regained consciousness. She soon realizes the down side to not aging when the authorities question her age when she’s forced to show her driver’s license to police, the FBI wants to study her, she fears being probed and used as a Guinea pig, so she runs away and changes her name every ten years for eight decades. While working as a librarian, she stays away from romantic involvements, until she meets the handsome artist and philanthropist Ellis Jones. Then she meets his family, and her secret is revealed.

It was interesting to see Adaline at different points in time, always around the same age, especially where her daughter was considerably older than she was. The storyline with her dog was very touching, and showed us the emotional turmoil the character experienced all her life. It’s a nice love story with a scientific angle that gets left behind. The ending is bit contrived and predictable, but overall I enjoyed the story and would recommend it. Good performances by the cast: Blake Lively as Adaline and Michiel Huisman as Ellis and Harrison Ford is great as Ellis’ father, and Ellen Burstyn as Flemming, Adaline’s daughter.