Saturday, December 15, 2012

SCP Five Favorite Things Giveaway

Congratulations to Kimberly H who won a copy of Love and the Economy! Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting. Have a Happy Holidays and be well.

“I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.” 

It's true that if things aren't going so well, just change your thoughts, or do one of your favorite things if you can, and you'll feel better in no time. 

Here are a few of my favorite things.

 1.  Crisp fall weather, perfect for hiking and walking.

       2.    An afternoon cup of coffee with a small piece of chocolate.

       3.  Reading a book on my cell phone with the Kindle App, even though I have a Kindle, the phone is just so much cuter.

       4.     Hanging out with my fiancĂ©, enjoying a movie or just walking.

       5.    My Secret Cravings novella, Love and the Economy

I love all of these things, and I’m giving one away to a lucky blog commenter. Just leave a comment telling me a few of your favorite things, along with your email address, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Love and the Economy.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Blog Hop

A big congratulations to my two winners Gale and Ashley!
And thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented during the blog hop. It was fun, and I liked reading you comments! 

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!

Welcome to my blog! The holidays are a time for giving, and I'm starting the holidays off by giving two commentors on my blog my novella, Love and the Economy, from Secret Craving Publishing. I will be randomly picking the two winners on Tuesday and will annouce the winners on my blog Tuesday. 

 All you have to do to win is leave a comment here about your favorite holiday movie, either big or small screen. 

My sentimental is favorite It's a Wonderful Life, such great emotion in that story. I also love Scrooged, Bill Murray's updated take on the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. And for me it wouldn't be Christmas without seeing the Ron Howard movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas! He gives the Grinch's backstory, which was great to see. 

Winners will receive a PDF copy of Love and the Eonomy

Blub - Just when Andrea Elliot thought life was getting back to normal after the divorce, her ex, Daren is moving back home. While the ink on their divorce papers dried up, so did the U.S. economy, and Daren’s architecture firm. Since Daren can’t afford to support two households and a floundering business, his accountant advises the couple live together in the family home – just till the economy improves. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Andrea. She's just started to date again.

Daren still loves Andrea, and sees their new living arrangement as his opportunity to make things right. Once home he takes off his suit and puts on his work clothes, and gets busy re-building his reputation and his ex-wife’s home office. Can Daren see what Andrea desires, and be the present take-charge man she’s always needed, and can Andrea put her pride away and let him?

Story Excerpt

When the empty elevator arrived, they walked in and both reached for the lobby button, their hands colliding. A surge of energy flashed through Andrea as her hand brushed Daren’s, quick like a computer processor working, but she felt it nonetheless. Even though their marriage had ended, and she in fact had been the one who wanted out, being close to Daren still affected her.

”I’m sorry,” he said after their hands connected.

“Me too.” She looked up at him while the door shut. She referred to the elevator button mix-up, but her mind focused on the news they had just received.

Andrea hated to admit it, but standing next to Daren affected her in a surprising way. As they stood in the elevator, her mind conjured up other times they had shared close quarters and took advantage of the moment.

She smiled to herself as she recalled a similar elevator ride in the beginning of their relationship, which ended with her pressed against the wall underneath him, stealing kisses on the way to their hotel room.

She glanced over at Daren. His thick, wavy black hair fell naturally into place and always looked as if someone had just run a hand through his hair, adorning him boyish charm. His piercing brown eyes competed with his hair for attention, and usually won. Admiring his tall, athletic build in his dark suit, she could tell he had put effort into his appearance for this meeting. She wondered if he had something planned later or if he dressed purposefully for seeing her today. She could smell his cologne, not too strong, just the right amount. He had shaved, leaving just a touch of stubble—the way he knows she likes it. Did he do this for her benefit, to help lessen the blow of today’s meeting? As he stood in the corner of the elevator, for a moment she longed to put her arms around him and feel the strength of the muscles noticeable under his custom suit. Thankful he couldn’t read her thoughts, she hoped he didn’t detect how he affected her.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Island Surprise

Welcome to my blog, the story tentatively titled Island Surprise continues. This week's writing prompt is future.

The doors to the large ballroom were opened for the award ceremony, and the crowd rushed in. Claire walked in and searched for seats near the aisle, not that she expected to win. She wanted to make sure Sam found her in the crowd. Their book, The Longest Day, was nominated for best romantic suspense. She looked around for Nancy, she was right next to her when the doors opened, but they must’ve gotten separated in the mob.

Friends and others writers she’s known for years, came over to her and give her a thumbs up or showed their fingers crossed for her. It never ceased to amaze her how supportive the romance genre had been, she was happy to be a part of it.

Nancy sat down next to her. Claire’s eyebrows went up, and she let out a soft sigh of relief. “What happened to you? I thought I lost you.”

“Right before the doors opened, Dan approached me and said he wanted to talk to us.”

Claire moved in closer to her friend, “Are you kidding me? I didn’t see him.”

“Well, he saw us, and he says it’s important that he speak with us. I told him I had to be in here for this, and then just got away from him. I didn’t look back, I just moved ahead with the crowd.” Nancy pointed at the empty chair. “Where’s Sam?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t like attending these things.”

“That might be true for his books, but this one is for the both of you. He’ll be here. He wouldn’t miss this.”

Claire heard her friend and knew deep inside it was true. When she and Sam stayed up talking about their work while at the hotel on Maui, she could tell that the characters they created meant something special to him. He wanted to see them in future stories, and was outlining a series for them. Whether she was ready or not she would be spending more and more time with Sam, her heart leaped at the very thought. She took a couple of deep breaths to center herself.

She looked around the ballroom for Sam again, and instead caught sight of Dan entering through an unattended side entrance. A shot of adrenalin raced through her system giving her instant energy if she needed it. “Great, Dan just came in. Why is that door open? And where the hell is Sam?”

Nancy squirmed in her seat. “Maybe we should get up and move.”

“No, we have great seats. The place is filling up. We won’t be able to find three seats together.” This was her big night and she wasn’t about to let a possible murderer ruin it for her.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas is a Time for Giving Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog and the Christmas is a Time for Giving/Wounded Warriors Blog Hop.


On this the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, I salute the men and women of our armed forces. And especially those who’ve been wounded in service, and of course those who gave their lives for their country.

I also would like to take this time to salute a member of my own family who I never knew, my mother’s cousin Joseph Gordon of Brooklyn New York. My mother spoke fondly of Joe, who was her age and like a brother to her and her sisters. I knew from family pictures that as a teenager, Joe was a sharp dresser in his Zoot Suit and loved to lindy hop. 

When WWII broke out, Joe, like many of my mom’s friends, enlisted in the air force. They were eager to fly, and wanted to be Tuskegee Airmen, which was the black division of the U.S. Air Force. After graduating from flight training at Tuskegee Army Airfield in Alabama, he was deployed to Italy with the 99th Fighter Squadron, part of the 332nd Fighter Group. I recall vividly seeing pictures of him in his goggles in the cockpit of a plane, proudly displayed on my Grandmother’s bureau.

Unfortunately, 2nd Lt. Joseph E. Gordon was the only one of my mother’s circle of friends who did not come home. He was one of the 66 Tuskegee Airmen who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. According to a news article, on August 12, 1944 his plane was shot down over France, after escorting bombers to Toulon, France, to destroy radar stations. Fighters from the 332nd Fighter Group began to draw ground fire. P-51 Mustangs flown by 2nd Lt. Gordon and 1st Lt. Langdon E. Johnson were hit; both pilots were killed.
They are buried at Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial in France. According to a government database, Joseph Gordon was awarded a Purple Heart. He was his parents’ only child, and was loved very much by my mother and her three sisters. My said since she never attended a funeral for Joe, she found it hard to believe he was truly gone, and used to search for his face on crowded streets.

I am very proud to honor our veterans, and grateful for their service to our country. The holiday season is a time for giving. I’m asking for at least 30 comments on my blog, and I’ll be donating $30.00 to the charity at the end of the blog hop. So please help by showing your support for an excellent cause, and saying thanks to our wounded military men and women. As a thank you, I’m giving away two copies of my holiday short story, My Holiday House Guest, which is on sale on Amazon. Please leave your email address with your comment to be contacted if you win. It’s a great way to start the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by. 

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If you would like to make a donation yourself to here is the link

Update - I just made my donation to Wounded Warrior Project!

Dear Carolyn Gibbs,

We want to thank you for your generous donation to Wounded Warrior Project®. Your gift enables us to provide comfort and aid to injured service members and their families.

Please help us spread the word about injured warriors’ needs and encourage your friends to learn more about Wounded Warrior Project by sending an email or posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you again for your gift. This is a summary of the information that you provided.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Island Surprise Continues

Welcome to my blog. Today's Tuesday Tale word prompt is wine.

On the last night of the conference, after missing most of the activities, Claire and Nancy decided to make an appearance at the cocktail party. Sam didn’t want to leave them alone, but had promised to meet his agent for dinner.

As they got in the elevator Nancy put her card key in her purse. “I don’t know if we should be doing this. Sam said we should just hang out in the room tonight until we’re sure they’ve taken Dan and Lacy in for questioning.”

“I know, but I don’t think we’ll be in danger at the cocktail party. They’ll be plenty of people there, I doubt if they’ll try anything in such a large crowd. I just want to see some people and have a drink with some of the girls.”

They got off the elevator at the lobby, and walked to the main ballroom. Tables were set up outside the ballroom, with salad and hot food and waiters crisscrossing the floor with trays of hot hors d’oeuvres. They walked over to the bar line. “I’ll have a red wine, thank you,” Claire said to the bartender. 

Claire noticed a bottle of wine with a bright orange label, and she recognized it immediately. It was the same type of wine bottle, and brightly colored label that was on the table at the small island, when she saw Dan, with the blood his shirt. Her arms tingled and a chill ran through her body. 

The vision of what she saw on the island appeared in her mind once again, as she brought the glass of wine to her lips and took a sip.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Prep

In honor of Thanksgiving Tuesday Tales is doing a picture prompt for the holiday. Enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

The house smelled marvelous as the aroma from the roasting turkey and stuffing permeated the air. Ellie walked into the dining room. The shine on her mother’s good china gleamed back at her as sunlight streaming in from the window hit it.

“The table’s all set, Mom.”

“It looks beautiful, Jessie. You did a great job.”

Ellie was determined to make this the best Thanksgiving, and since it was the first holiday the family would spend without their beloved mother, she didn’t want any unnecessary carrying on. She smiled to herself as she reached in her sweater pocket and pulled out her solution.

“And we'll have a peaceful meal. I made up place cards, the seating arrangement helps when trying to keep the peace.”

“Are you sure that’s going to work?”

“Sure it will." She placed her card at the head of the of the table and Jessie’s to her right. The next card was Lydia’s, her ally and younger sister. She put the card at the left of her seat. The next card was Jane, her nemesis and oldest sister. She put the card at the far end of the table, and Jane’s husband Ted, next to her at foot of the table. The next cards were her brother, Phil, his wife, and their cousins Gina and Eddie who were both single. Since they were neutral, she sat them in the middle of the table to help absorb any shockwaves from the opposite end. Ellie stepped back and looked at the table. She picked up Eddie's card and switched it with Phil. No that's not right. She walked around the table shaking her head and switching place cards.

When Ellie was finished, Jessie walked around the table and noticed Aunt Jane was sitting next to her mother.  

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Island Surprise

Welcome to my blog and another installment of my WIP Island Surprise. The week's writing Prompt is sexy. The story continues were Claire is anxious to leave the pool area after talking to Lacy and Sam is trying to reach her.

Sam took the last of the stone steps two at a time. When he reached the bottom, the landing curved and he lost sight of Claire. When he saw her last she was walking toward the hotel lobby. He stopped and scanned the area carefully. No sign of her. She probably went to her room. Sam headed for the elevators.

He spotted her in the crowd, his heart hitched at the sight of her. He hoped she had forgiven him for not sharing what he learned about the body being found. He thought he was protecting her even though it was also self-serving not to tell her.

“Claire, wait!”

She turned around, and searched the crowd.

At a distance their eyes met. Sam took a breath and unknowingly held it. He gazed at her and appreciated the beauty he was observing. Then a truck load of people, some of them conference attendees, walked through the lobby into their path and he lost her again.

“Sam…” Claire yelled out as she caught a glimpse of him across the huge lobby. Her heart sped up as she bobbed up and down trying to see through the crowd that was passing by. She ran around the people searching for him. She spotted him near the elevator bank and ran towards him.

He stood there and watched as she ran to him, he opened his arms. She ran into his arms, and he held her tightly. He eased back, remembering they were in a crowded lobby.

He was the first to speak as his gaze danced over her. “I’ve been looking for you.”

She was breathing hard, and tried to catch her breath. “I’m sorry I ran out on you before. I was just with Lacy, she knows more than we thought she did.”

Sam looked around and shook his head and put his finger to his lips. “Not here.” He pushed the elevator button and put an arm around Claire’s shoulder. He happily noted she didn’t squirm or pull away, instead she leaned into him. Amongst all the drama of the moment, he felt warmth rushing over his body. He thought maybe she finally trusted him. He saw her reflection in the elevator door they stood in front of. She was a gorgeous woman, even if she weren’t wearing that sexy bathing suit with the thin cover-up large tee shirt.

The elevator door opened and they hurried in. The door shut and they were alone.

“First I want to say I’m sorry for getting at you earlier,” said Claire facing Sam. I know you were trying to protect me, and I realize now you’re probably right.”

“Really, right about what?”

“I just spoke with Lacy at the pool and mentioned that they found a woman’s body on the small island, and the word murder popped out of her mouth, then she got nervous and left.”

“Really, all this time we’ve been worried about Dan, when she was probably the one to watch out for.”

The elevator stopped at a floor and a few people got on. They stopped talking. Sam reached for Claire’s hand as they stood next to each other for the next three floors, then got out on the tenth floor.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanksgiving Short Story on Sale

The Thanksgiving short story, My Holiday House Guest is for sale on Amazon!

It’s Thanksgiving, and single mom Ravon Taylor discovers the kitchen’s not the hottest room in the house when her son brings a friend home for the holiday.  As soon as Douglas Jenkins, the young, handsome and hot graduate student, walks into her home he’s attracted to Ravon.  Love is on the menu when her holiday houseguest makes a move on her, and leaves her breathless.  Ravon wants to be with Douglas, but a part of her is worried about their age difference, and a secret she’s keeping could stand in the way of their happiness together. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

New York City Does Halloween

A winner has been randomly chosen from those who commented on the Howeloween Blog Hop. The winner is Cassandra!!
Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who commented and stopped by my blog.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween everyone!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Happy Halloween! 

When I was a kid I loved to dress up for Halloween. My favorite costume was Cinderella! Did you or do dress up for Halloween? Leave a comment, and your email address, telling me what your favorite costume was and you're entered in my contest.

A winner will be picked and will receive an ebook copy of my novella Love and the Economy, a sexy story about what happens when a divorced couple are forced to live together again. Enjoy the post and the Howloween Blog Hop! 

New Yorkers love a parade. And nobody celebrates Halloween like New York City’s Village Parade. 

The parade is a fun city tradition, featuring hundreds of puppets, 53 bands of different types of music, dancers and artists. Everyone marching in the parade must be in costume, even pooches must dress up. 

You’ll see celebrities like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga.


The years news makers, social and political issues take center stage in this parade.

Since the election is only weeks away, marchers will be wearing masks of their candidate of choice or making a political statement. It’s all in fun.
 For this year’s parade, I’m predicting Psy and his dancers will heat up the pavement on Sixth Avenue. I know it'll be a blast!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween at Clarkson Inn

Welcome to my blog and this week's Tuesday Tales is a picture prompt. Enjoy, and thanks for your comments.

It was the day before Halloween, and the decorations at the Clarkson Inn were complete. At first Leslie didn’t want to celebrate Halloween at the Inn, but Uncle Raymond thought it would be good for her.

 When Kevin suggested they create a haunted house in the basement, Leslie couldn’t help but smile. 

 She was upstairs in her room trying on her costume. She finally got it on, and she heard a truck door slam in the driveway, then voices. She looked out her window, and saw Kevin’s truck, his cousin Wil was taking something out the back. Kevin went to the side door and rang the bell.

She hurried downstairs, careful not to catch her frilly dress on anything as she walked through the house. She opened the door for them.

Kevin took in her outfit from head to toe, lingering at her cinched waist. He didn't speak.

“I always wanted to be Cinderella when I was a kid, so I figured this was my chance. I might as well go for it.”

Wil couldn’t help himself and blurt out. “Well you sure made it that’s for sure. You look fantastic. Doesn’t she, Kev?”

Kevin was so taken aback by how she looked, he couldn’t get the words out, and needed a breath before he spoke. “Yes, you look beautiful. Like you’re ready for the ball.”

Leslie felt heat rush to her face and batted her eyes. “Thank you. What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“What you’re holding.”

“Oh, it’s a steam machine for the basement. I thought it would be a good touch for the haunted house.”

She stepped aside and let them in. “Thanks, that’ll be great.” Her heart beat a bit faster, just being near him. Part of her was glad he showed an interest, but she knew she would only be there for a short time and didn’t want to get involved in something she knew would soon have to end.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Island Surprise

Welcome to this week's installment of Island Surprise my WIP. This week's Tuesday Tales prompt is knife.            

           Dan and Crystal were on the small island at a table set for two at the site of the new hotel extension. They were sharing a snack of cheese and crackers from a picnic basket, and a bottle of wine, compliments of the hotel. After all the hotel staff assumed the picnic basket was for the honeymooners, and they went out of their way to accommodate Lacy and her new husband. The basket also included a pineapple and other tropical fruits. Next to the basket were utensils, a cork screw and a big sharp shiny knife meant to cut the pineapple.
Crystal sat on the edge of her seat listening to every word Dan said. “It still doesn't make sense to me. I know that you must be excited about this baby, the same way I am.”
“Look Crystal, you’ve got to believe me. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but we have no future, you and me. There is no us. I just married Lacy. Why don’t you take the money, and I’ll make sure the baby gets taken care of financially. He or she will never want for anything, but I can’t be there doing this with you. I just can’t. It’s out of the question.”
“It doesn’t make sense to me, Dan. Why did you bring me here to this island if you didn’t want to spend some alone time with me.” He heard the shakiness in her voice, and thought she was at the point of breaking down. Dan thought it would be easier to deal with Crystal on the small island away from nosey hotel staffers who could report back to their boss and Lacy’s father. He told Lacy he was meeting with her on the island and wanted to handle it himself.
He stood up and walked over to Crystal who had just burst into tears. He put a hand on her shoulder and rubbed her back to comfort her, not really knowing what to do. His gaze fell to the table and the knife caught his eye. Maybe I should put that in the basket. Don’t want her to get any ideas.
Crystal stood up and put her arms around Dan. He was taken by surprise, but continued to pat her back. He reached for the knife on the table with his other hand, just as he picked it up a familiar voice came up from behind him.
“So this is how you handle it, Dan? I thought you were breaking it off with her.” Lacy shirked from behind trees as she approached them.
Dan released Crystal in a flash, put still held the knife.
“Get your hands off my husband. It’s over Crystal, and how dare you show up here. You must be crazy.”
Dan was surprised at Lacy. He’d never seen this side of her before. He was trying to be gentle with Crystal, but she wasn't having any of it.
Crystal turned around and faced Lacy head on with straight posture. “How dare you talk to me like that. I’m carrying his baby. Can you say that?”
“Is she crazy? I don’t have to say that. I’m his wife. I count, you don’t.”
Dan wasn't sure who struck first, but before he knew what happened his two women were throwing blows at each other. He wanted to break it up, and looked down at his hands and saw he still held the knife. “Hey, stop it you two. Stop.” He waved his arms and threw the knife in the picnic basket. Next a crash rocked the tranquil island as Crystal went down and hit her head on the stone table, face first. The blood gushed out of her head that had split open at the forehead. What happened next seemed to go in slow motion to Dan, as it was permanently implanted in his brain. He went to Crystal’s side to see it he could help stop the bleeding, but it was no use. There wasn't anything he could do. Crystal was gone.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Secret Cravings Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog and Secret Cravings Publishing’s Where in the World are the SCP Authors Contest. 

Guess my location town based on the clues below. 

In honor of the presidential election coming up, the clues are about past presidents.


A former President is buried here.

One of our most famous Presidents was born here.

We have a popular Square named after one of our past presidents. 

Our nickname is a healthy and tasty snack.

Please leave your guesses in the comments section, with your email address.  A winner will be drawn from those who guess the correct location, winner of the drawing will  receive a copy of my novella, Love and Economy.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Next Big Thing

What is the working title of your book?
Island Surprise

Where did the idea come from for the book?
I'm a member of Tuesday Tales, a blog of writers that writes to a picture prompt each week. It started by coming up with a scene writing to a picture prompt. The picture was of a small row boat beached on an island.

What genre does your book fall under?
It's romantic suspense, which is new for me.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
For my heroine Claire I would choose Zoe Saldana, and for the hero, bestselling author, Sam Stewart, Patrick Dempsey

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Authors attending a writing conference in Hawaii stumble upon a murder and match wits against the murder.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I hope to have it published by a publisher.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I'm not finished yet.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
I was inspired by the picture, than built a character to be in the row boat, rowing to an island where she thinks she saw a murder.

What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?
The heroine is a romance author and her hero is a thriller bestselling author, she teamed up with as a writing partner. He helps her and her friend determine what happened, helps keep them safe, and of course wants a closer relationship with friend and his writing partner. In the middle of this they're attending a writer's conference, as the back drop to the story. Readers get to see what goes on at a writer's conference.

Check out author Lena Hart next to see what she has planned for The Next Big Thing

Monday, September 24, 2012

Island Surprise - Continues

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This week's post features another installment of Island Surprise. We're picking up where we left off, poolside with Claire and Lacy. This week's writing prompt is finger.

The sound of water splashing in the pool and children’s laughter lingered before them. Claire watched as the expression on Lacy’s face slowly changed. Her smile morphed into a firm straight line. Her eyes were wide open, as thought she had a sudden jolt of caffeine. Claire noticed Lacy’s fingers started to twitch, she held her hands in her lap. Her index fingers especially seemed to have a mind of their own. Lacy looked down at her hands with a quizzical gleam on her face, as though she were looking at a stranger.

Wow, she’s really scared. She must be involved in this. “Is everything all right? Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Well not really. I just got a real bad headache.” She brought one of her twitching hands to her head and rubbed it.

“Really, just now you’ve got a headache.” Claire sat up in the lounge chair and faced Lacy. “Can I get you anything?”

“No. I think I’ve just had too much sun. All of sudden I feel a migraine coming on.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I get them every now and then.” Lacy began to quickly gather her things and her towel.

“Plenty of things bring it on. Too much sun, heat, hearing upsetting news.”
“Upsetting news?”

“Did I say upsetting news? Upsetting views, you know high heights and all that. And too little sleep.”

“Well it’s your honeymoon.”

“Yeah, and it’s been stressful too. You know the whole nine yards with the planning and then it’s over leaving you with a headache.” She stood up with an arm full of her tote bag, towel, and sunglasses on top of her head. “Well I’m going up to the room to rest, maybe take something for this.”

“Okay, hope you feel better, Lacy.”

“Yeah, bye.” She walked out of the pool area in a hurry, almost tripping over some children.
Claire watched as Lacy jumped out of the way of people coming into the pool area, obviously shaken up and eager to get away from her.

Ever since Claire saw Dan on the island, she thought he was the only one involved in whatever went on at the small island. The picture of Dan holding what appeared to be a blood stain towel raced into her mind and took hold. It chilled her to recall it, and her heart beat sped up at the thought. However, after witnessing Lacy’s reaction to news that a woman’s body had been found, as she said, murdered on the island, Claire believed Lacy knew a great deal more than she thought in the first place.

What she doing sitting at the pool? Although she didn’t like that he withheld information from her, she wanted to be Sam now. She didn’t feel safe with Dan and Lacy lurking around, especially after seeing her reaction. She needed to let Sam know and tell his police contacts that Lacy is probably involved in this somehow. She stood up and gathered her things.

Across from the pool on the veranda of the hotel, Sam was looking out at the pool and spotted her. His heart made a tiny leap when she stood up and he saw her skin exposed. Purple was her color, and it showcased her lovely body. He was glad he found her, and glad she was wearing that suit. Come back down to earth, boy, they’ll be time for that later. He was just happy he’d found her and she was safe. Hopefully she’d calmed down and would be reasonable. He turned around and took the stairs, losing sight of her due to the winding marble staircase.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

At Clarkson Inn

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. This week on Tuesday Tales we are writing to the picture prompt below. The following excerpt is from my WIP. The story takes place in beautiful Ulster County, New York right at the start of the fall season. Globetrotting photographer, Leslie finds herself running her mother’s Inn during the fall foliage season, with old boyfriend Kevin making needed repairs. She accepts his help with the Inn, but it’s a harder job to win her heart. 

Kevin approached Leslie. “Just wanted to make sure that porch held up tonight.”

“It seems to be holding up just fine. Glad you could make it after all tonight.”

“Ellie didn’t need me to watch the kids tonight.”

Kevin walked over to the table and picked up two glasses of campaign. He returned back to Leslie and handed her a glass. She took and looked into his eyes again. How can he resist this woman? Even if she was in town for a short while, he swore right then and there he would make the most of their time together. Starting now.

He raised his glass to hers. “To a great fall foliage season. And to you, Leslie. I hope it’s everything you’re looking for.”
He was taken off guard by her hand around his neck, pulling him in for more. His lips touched hers and quickly parted for him. Surprised at her boldness, he reached for her with his free hand, bringing her close to his chest, and answered her parted lips with his searching tongue. She relaxed in his arm, and released a tiny moan that vibrated from her mouth into his.

She tapped glasses with him. “Yes, to a great fall foliage season—whatever that means,” she smiled. “And to you. Thank you Kevin for your help with all this. I couldn't have done it without you.”

He bend down and came face to face with her. He leaned in and slowly closed his eyes. He felt her nose against his and rubbed it back and forth before softly kissing her lips. He tasted the champagne with a hint of mint, and wanted to savor and devour her all at the same time. He fought the urge to demand more and pulled back, allowing her to breath. 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Novella Release - GAA

I was extremely happy to learn that my novella Love and the Economy is now available on the Secret Cravings Publishing SCP website, and will soon be available on Nook and Amazon. A release date shared with honoring my publisher and our Author of Year, Jean Joachim. What a great day!

Last night the Romance Writers of America, New York City Chapter held their Golden Apple Awards. Well-known and up and coming authors were both honored. Congratulations to all the honorees!

Secret Cravings Publishing was in the house and well represented with its many RWA/NYC authors and their publisher.

Jean Joachim, Karen Cino, Cathy Greenfeder, Sandy Sullivan, Lena Hart, Patt Mihailoff, Jeanine McAdam, Carolyn Gibbs

Eloisa James was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Publisher of the Year – Secret Cravings Publishing, represented by Sandy Sullivan

Jean Joachim

Author of the Year – Jean Joachim

Editor of the Year- LaToya Smith of Grand Central Publishing

Louise Fury with Lise Horton

Agent of the Year – Louise Fury of the Lori Perkins Agency

Media Source of the Year – RT Book Reviews

Librarian of the Year – Corinne Neary of the Jefferson Market Branch, NYPL

Bookseller of the Year – WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn, NY