Monday, November 12, 2012

Island Surprise

Welcome to my blog and another installment of my WIP Island Surprise. The week's writing Prompt is sexy. The story continues were Claire is anxious to leave the pool area after talking to Lacy and Sam is trying to reach her.

Sam took the last of the stone steps two at a time. When he reached the bottom, the landing curved and he lost sight of Claire. When he saw her last she was walking toward the hotel lobby. He stopped and scanned the area carefully. No sign of her. She probably went to her room. Sam headed for the elevators.

He spotted her in the crowd, his heart hitched at the sight of her. He hoped she had forgiven him for not sharing what he learned about the body being found. He thought he was protecting her even though it was also self-serving not to tell her.

“Claire, wait!”

She turned around, and searched the crowd.

At a distance their eyes met. Sam took a breath and unknowingly held it. He gazed at her and appreciated the beauty he was observing. Then a truck load of people, some of them conference attendees, walked through the lobby into their path and he lost her again.

“Sam…” Claire yelled out as she caught a glimpse of him across the huge lobby. Her heart sped up as she bobbed up and down trying to see through the crowd that was passing by. She ran around the people searching for him. She spotted him near the elevator bank and ran towards him.

He stood there and watched as she ran to him, he opened his arms. She ran into his arms, and he held her tightly. He eased back, remembering they were in a crowded lobby.

He was the first to speak as his gaze danced over her. “I’ve been looking for you.”

She was breathing hard, and tried to catch her breath. “I’m sorry I ran out on you before. I was just with Lacy, she knows more than we thought she did.”

Sam looked around and shook his head and put his finger to his lips. “Not here.” He pushed the elevator button and put an arm around Claire’s shoulder. He happily noted she didn’t squirm or pull away, instead she leaned into him. Amongst all the drama of the moment, he felt warmth rushing over his body. He thought maybe she finally trusted him. He saw her reflection in the elevator door they stood in front of. She was a gorgeous woman, even if she weren’t wearing that sexy bathing suit with the thin cover-up large tee shirt.

The elevator door opened and they hurried in. The door shut and they were alone.

“First I want to say I’m sorry for getting at you earlier,” said Claire facing Sam. I know you were trying to protect me, and I realize now you’re probably right.”

“Really, right about what?”

“I just spoke with Lacy at the pool and mentioned that they found a woman’s body on the small island, and the word murder popped out of her mouth, then she got nervous and left.”

“Really, all this time we’ve been worried about Dan, when she was probably the one to watch out for.”

The elevator stopped at a floor and a few people got on. They stopped talking. Sam reached for Claire’s hand as they stood next to each other for the next three floors, then got out on the tenth floor.

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  1. Nice post. I will need to catch up on prev weeks I think though

  2. Great emotion and tension in this week's offering.

  3. The sexual tension is building very nicely here. I really love these characters.

  4. You have me on the edge of my seat with this story. I'm loving it!