Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween at Clarkson Inn

Welcome to my blog and this week's Tuesday Tales is a picture prompt. Enjoy, and thanks for your comments.

It was the day before Halloween, and the decorations at the Clarkson Inn were complete. At first Leslie didn’t want to celebrate Halloween at the Inn, but Uncle Raymond thought it would be good for her.

 When Kevin suggested they create a haunted house in the basement, Leslie couldn’t help but smile. 

 She was upstairs in her room trying on her costume. She finally got it on, and she heard a truck door slam in the driveway, then voices. She looked out her window, and saw Kevin’s truck, his cousin Wil was taking something out the back. Kevin went to the side door and rang the bell.

She hurried downstairs, careful not to catch her frilly dress on anything as she walked through the house. She opened the door for them.

Kevin took in her outfit from head to toe, lingering at her cinched waist. He didn't speak.

“I always wanted to be Cinderella when I was a kid, so I figured this was my chance. I might as well go for it.”

Wil couldn’t help himself and blurt out. “Well you sure made it that’s for sure. You look fantastic. Doesn’t she, Kev?”

Kevin was so taken aback by how she looked, he couldn’t get the words out, and needed a breath before he spoke. “Yes, you look beautiful. Like you’re ready for the ball.”

Leslie felt heat rush to her face and batted her eyes. “Thank you. What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“What you’re holding.”

“Oh, it’s a steam machine for the basement. I thought it would be a good touch for the haunted house.”

She stepped aside and let them in. “Thanks, that’ll be great.” Her heart beat a bit faster, just being near him. Part of her was glad he showed an interest, but she knew she would only be there for a short time and didn’t want to get involved in something she knew would soon have to end.

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  1. A nice start to this new story. I love the way the Leslie got dressed up. I think you should let Leslie go with that feeling.

  2. A very nice beginning to a new story! Well done.

  3. You've left me with lots of questions, I hope you carry on with this story so i get some answers :-)

  4. To many questions are left unanswered. You have to continue this story

  5. Great suspense! I wondered what Leslie will do now.