Monday, June 18, 2012

Island Surprise

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to the latest installment of Island Surprise.  Word Prompt - Any City

            Claire didn’t know how she got into this pickle. One minute she was leaving the book fair with Nancy and Sam, and the next they agreed to have dinner with a maybe-murder and his maybe-naive wife. Claire didn’t want to over analyze it, but it seemed sometimes she was a magnet for crazy happenings, but at least Sam was there with her. And of course thanks to her quick thinking and big mouth, they would have to be a couple in front of the newlyweds, and Sam stood prepared to take advantage of the situation. While she wasn’t ready to pick up where they left off a few months ago, she would have to go along with the role she created for herself. And after having a glass of wine in the limo and sitting next to Sam, Claire could feel her inhibitions lifting a bit as she returned Sam’s smile with a shy grin and fluttering eyelashes.

            “I’m glad you’re here Sam. I wouldn’t have come on this dinner date to Maui without you,” she said surprising herself.

            “Don’t worry. I’m sure everything will go all right,” he said looking down at her next to him. “At the very least maybe we’ll find out more about this guy tonight. We have to be on high alert. Watch what he does and how he responds to things. And maybe we’ll find that there’s a logical explanation for what you think you saw. Either that or I'll have the plot for another bestseller,” Sam said deadpan straight then broke in laughing.

            “Very funny, Sam.” Nancy said while putting her wine glass back in the portable bar rack. “I don’t want to live the plot of a book, I just want to live.”

            “Oh you girls are just too afraid of this guy. His wife is here, he probably didn’t do anything,” said Sam.

            The driver got out and opened the door for them. He helped the women out of the car, and then Sam got out. Another black limo pulled up beside them and Dan and Lacy got out and came to greet them. There before them stood the private jet with Hunter Enterprises embossed on its side.

“Now that’s living,” Sam said as they approached the plane and he reached for Claire’s hand. She was about to start cracking her knuckles at the sight of the couple.

Claire's body heated up when their hands touched. She hoped Sam didn't notice. He gave her hand a quick reassuring squeeze, and then guided her up the stairs to the plane with his hand lightly resting on her back. She wondered if he could feel the sharp intake of air she drew in when his hand casually slipped to her lower back as they boarded the plane. Looking at Sam, she wondered if he were oblivious to the affect he was having on her. If so she would try her best to keep it that way.

            They boarded the private jet and took their seats. The swivel captain chairs where quite comfortable as Dan and Lacy sat across from Nancy, and Claire and Sam right behind them. Nancy’s frayed nerves eased a bit while she and Lacy discussed her books. She was a fan and was interested in how she got her ideas for her stories and if her characters were based on real people. Claire listened to their conversation and injected a comment or two as well.
            “So where exactly are we going on Maui?” asked Sam.
            “We’re going to Wailuku, it’s the largest city on Maui. The biggest hotel in Wailuku has a fantastic restaurant with beautiful views.”

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  1. I could feel the excitement of the flight coming through. Nice post. :) Do you follow the same storyline for your Tuesday installments?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Davee. "Island Surprise" is a continuing story I started based on a picture prompt. All the earlier posts on still on the blog.

  2. This is getting really interesting. A double date? Love the plot and how you keep building up the suspense. Can't wait to see what happens at the hotel.

  3. Things are really getting intense here. Good conflict and interesting story!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lindsay.