Monday, May 14, 2012

Island Surprise

The following is an excerpt from Island Surprise, where Claire recalls her history with Sam. Picture prompt - Rustic Stone Arch in Central Park, New York City.
Claire felt the fallen leaves crunch under her sneakers as she and Sam hiked through the Ramble in Central Park. They were taking a break from planning their novel, and also doing research, since the park was prominently featured in their story.

The terrain grew more challenging, and Sam reached a hand out to Claire who gladly gripped it. They leaped from rock to rock, Sam in the lead and Claire laughing behind him. They made their way towards the Rustic Stone Arch, which was always a favorite spot for Claire. Sam led her through the narrow walkway, guiding her with a hand on the back of her waist as they walked under the arch.

While walking through Claire looked around. “Isn’t this beautiful?”  

            “Yes, beautiful,” agreed Sam admiring Claire as he said it. He led her to the path next to the arch heading towards Bank Rock Bridge and stood facing her. With one hand resting on her shoulder, his lifted her chin up with his other hand before she could object. He bent down to meet her, and Claire was conscious of the moment.

She felt the breeze around them settle as if time stood still, she overheard the conversation of the birds in the trees, which sounded like a lovers spat. Sam’s lips lightly touched hers. Then together they deepened the kiss, as she tasted the remnants of the mocha latté and mints they shared at Starbucks. This wasn’t part of the scene they were writing, this was real life and she was enjoying it. She was attracted to Sam at the start and was glad he made the first move. She ran a hand through his curly hair, ignoring the apprehension she felt of getting involved with a writing partner.

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  1. Love this piece, Carolyn. You paint a lovely picture of the Park and her thoughts about her writing partner. A realistic concern but it's hard not to be drawn together. So well done. Are you going to be posting more of this story in TT? I hope so.

  2. I loved the buildup to this and that you didn't follow through on expectations, ie another dead body. Didn't need one there's plenty of tension here anyway.

  3. Such lovely detail. I especially love the part where Claire says this wasn't part of the scene they were writing, but was real. Love Claire and Sam's romantic connection.

    1. Thanks Karen, thought this would be a good way to show the start of Claire and Sam.