Monday, May 28, 2012

Island Surprise

Thanks for stopping by and reading another installment of Island Surprise. This week's writing prompt is chase.

            Claire stood still in the middle of the lobby, oblivious to the people walking around here as she watched the couple disappear into the crowd.  How was it possible the wife was still alive? Nancy, just as stunned stood beside her.
            “I can’t explain it,” Claire shook her head in disbelief.

            “I can explain it,” said Sam. “The woman’s not dead. I hate to say this, but you were mistaken at what you saw or think you saw.”

            And just like that Sam was back in the dog house after just returning. She couldn’t believe he would doubt her.
            “I know blood when I see it, and I saw blood and plenty of it.” Claire responded trying not to raise her voice, after all they were in the middle of the lobby.

            Nancy jumped in between them. “Well guys maybe we can discuss this later. We have to take our spots for the book fair.”

            “I’m not signing at this one. I’ll be at my publisher’s book sale tomorrow,” said Sam. I’m just going to walk around say hi to those I know, and maybe sit with Claire if she’ll let me.” He flashed a shy smile with dark glistening eyes. She couldn’t resist.

            “Yeah, okay. I’ll be sitting in there somewhere. I don’t know where they put me.” Even though she didn’t like that he doubted her, she was always a sucker for his dark brown eyes and smooth voice.

            The three of them walked towards the hotel’s Ballroom which was set up for the book fair. The massive room was arranged with rows of long tables with mountains of books on them and signs with author’s names. Nancy left Claire and Sam to find her table. Claire went off in the other direction, searching for her table. Sam waved to familiar faces while quietly chasing after the woman he came there to be with.

Dan Roberts lead Lacy, his wife of four days, through the crowded hotel lobby. As they walked hand in hand, the crowd seemed to part for them as though they were royalty. Along the way, hotel workers nodded or smiled acknowledging them. To the locals, Lacy was considered island royalty. Her father was the prominent real estate mogul, J.D. Hunter, known as the Donald Trump of Hawaii.  J.D. built dozens of luxury apartment buildings and hotels, including the one his daughter was honeymooning in. Dan was a partner in a boutique architecture firm that did many jobs for J.D. To secure his rise to the top, he swept J.D.’s daughter off her feet while he wooing her father’s business. He was now leading the team for the expansion of the Royal Continental Hotel, on the neighboring smaller island.

            As Dan and Lacy walked towards the restaurant, they passed an easel in the lobby advertising the Book Fair, which was open to the public. Dan remembered the pen. He would have to pay Nancy Wells a visit. He wanted to see the woman he needed to stop. He wanted to know if she could identify him. Did she get a good enough look at him on the island, or is he jumping the gun on assuming that she did?

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  1. Interesting. I'll be back next week.

  2. Now you have my attention. If it wasn't Dan's wife that Claire saw get killed, then who was the other woman? Interesting. Can't wait to see what happens at the book fair.

  3. Sound like marrying Dan could be dangerous for Lacy

  4. Okay, so if the wife is alive (thanks for the surprise!), who did he kill? You've hooked me in with this story and I'm looking forward to the next installment.