Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inside Murder in Paradise

Welcome to my blog and the premier of Book Hooks, a new blog hop where authors share an excerpt of their work every Wednesday. Here is a peek of Murder in Paradise, a romantic suspense set in Hawaii.

He held her hand rubbing his thumb softly over her fingers. In a matter of seconds Claire felt her nervous energy fade away, and the warmth emanating from his hand spread to the rest of her body and touched her heart. Boy, if he only knew what his touch was doing to her. Although she’d be the first to admit she wasn’t ready for a relationship with Sam or anyone right now, but at the same time she was so glad he was there. She wondered about the brief moment that transpired between them a few weeks ago, they hadn’t spoken about it since. Sam had stared at her with such passion in his eyes, and she’d thought he was going to kiss her. The moment had passed and nothing had happened, but she knew she would have to tread lightly from now on. She enjoyed feeling her hand in his just the same. Why was life so complicated? 

Romance author Claire Jenkins thought the Hawaii Writer’s Conference would be the perfect break she needed. A chance to hang out with her writing buddies, maybe take a workshop and explore Hawaii. She didn’t dream she’d walk in on a murder scene involving Hawaii’s most famous honeymooners, wind up as the guest of the suspect or pretend to be the girlfriend of her handsomely sexy writing partner, bestselling thriller author Sam Stewart.

Sam’s got his hands full trying to keep Claire safe and figure out if their host, the newlywed architect, Dan Harris, is indeed a murderer. His job just got even more difficult as he and Claire pose as a couple. Sam has to protect Claire without smothering her or risk ruining their professional relationship. Will it be too tempting for the both of them to act on the attraction they share, or will they give in to their feelings, throw caution to the island breeze and begin a new chapter in their lives? 

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