Monday, July 30, 2012

Island Surprise - Continues

Welcome to this weeks excerpt from Island Surprise, one of my works in progress, created for Tuesday Tales. Thanks for stopping by and leave comment if you'd like. Writing Prompt - blue. 

Morning sun streamed in thru the glass terrace door, and the fierce Maui waves crashed against the shore waking Claire up. She was in a strange room and had to catch her bearings. She turned her head to the right, and saw the strong arm slung around her waist, her eyes followed the arm and was treated by the sight of the bare brawly chest of Sam Stewart asleep next to her.

Wow, he was sex personified.

He was lying on his side facing her with one leg over hers, in need of a shave. His yummy torso with its neatly trimmed hair begged to be fondled by her hand, and followed with soft kisses. Wait a minute, isn’t that what she did last night? Even if she did, looking at him now she longed to do it again. Oh no. It all came back to her in flash. She remembered throwing caution to the wind when somehow the king sized bed must’ve shrink to a twin because she was so close to Sam her skin was warmed by his body heat next to her. As she recalled, he reached out and touched her, and they both lost it and had to have each other. It felt so good to be in his arms again. Her body cried out for him, and he answered every which way he could. It was beautiful. So good it scared her. Instead of enjoying the present, her mind drifted to the past she didn’t want to revisit.

She was sitting up in bed staring out the terrace door. Claire watched as the blue ocean waves rushed in to kiss the beach while her memories drifted off.

Sam woke as if nudged by her thoughts. He smiled and reached out and laid his hand on her back. “Good morning.”
She flinched a bit at his touch, not aware that he was awake. When she faced him, her forehead was creased in worry mode. “Hi,” she said faintly.

 “What’s wrong? You should be here beside me cuddling. Wasn’t last night great?” He raised himself up on his elbows.

He’s right, she thought. She should be cuddling.

“Of course it was great last night. I know this is crazy, but I just couldn’t help but remember the last time I felt this close to someone. Jeff.”

He sprung up at the mention of her old fiancĂ©’s name and sat next to her. He nodded for her to go on, listening intently.

“Well you know the story, soon after we became engaged he had a terrible car accident was taken away from me. It’s been a few years, and even though I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, sometimes I still do.”

“I know, you’ve been through so much, Claire. But please don’t feel guilty for what we did or for how we feel about each other. You deserve happiness, and I want to be the one to share it with you.” He put his arm around 
her shoulders.
She looked into his brown eyes, flicks of hazel glistening and unblinking staring back at her with intensity. She took a deep breath and ingested what he said. She desired this man, and believed what he said. Claire felt her shoulders loosen up as the grief and guilt she carried for Jeff began to slowly dissolve.

As writer, she wrote about feelings all the time, but for her it was easier to write about them being felt by other people than to actual feel them for herself. She looked at Sam and knew she was ready to experience her feelings again. Especially if it meant having another night like last night. She didn’t want to hold anything back from him. Since they had a professional relationship, a friendship and now a budding romance she trusted him, and knew that he wouldn’t let her down.

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  1. Love the setting and the romance. You painted a vivid picture here of Claire and Sam.

  2. Great job. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. I'm loving where this is going. I love how the relationship between Claire and Sam is going. Especially since Claire is coming around and trusting Sam. I can't wait to see where there relationship goes.

  4. "He woke as if nudged by her thoughts." Brilliant, Carolyn! Love thi sweet yet sexy scene. I'm attached to thee two and hope they make it. Looking forward to more.

  5. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment. I'm having fun writing this story and fitting in the writing prompts.